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Aesop Revisted #5 - Arnold Wesker

"Private Eye" 4 May 1962
“Ambrose Weskit” is Arnold Wesker

Aesop Revisited #5 Arnold Wesker

Panel 1: Cyril Connolly was the Grand Old Man of the “Sunday Times”. “O.E. Tie” – Connolly was an Old Etonian. He wasn’t a dramatic critic but his embarrassing support of Colin Wilson’s “The Outsider” gave him an association with The Angry Young Men which “Private Eye” picks up on here. The new “Kitchen Sink Dramas”. were supposed to replace old "Drawing Room Comedies".
Panel 2: “Colin Wilson swept here”. Heritage plaques used to state if famous person had slept there. Colin Wilson was famous for writing “The Outsider” while working assorted menial jobs and sleeping rough
Panel 3: speech bubbles allude to “Roots”, “Chicken Soup with Barley”, and “Jerusalem” - all titles of Wesker plays
Panels 5 + 6: "Centre For-Ward" is Centre 42, founded by Wesker with support of Trades Union Congress to bring art and theatre to the working-class
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